[Cell Fusion C] Derma Relief Sunscreen 100 SPF50/PA++++ 2pcs

[Cell Fusion C] Derma Relief Sunscreen 100 SPF50/PA++++ 2pcs

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2pcs 35ml + 35ml

Suggested Use:

- A gentle moisturizing sunscreen for delicate and sensitive skin. 100% physical helps prevent UVA / UVB rays gently and safely for the whole family (including children).

- Minimizes skin irritation & eye irritation

- Reduce the white phenomenon temporarily

- Soft and smooth texture but not sticky

- Moisturizing less causes dry skin feeling.

How to use:

- After skin care steps, take an adequate amount and gently pat on the skin, do not rub and rub. Pat gives a more protective effect on the skin.

- Use sunscreen 30 minutes before exposure to the sun and should be supplemented every 2 hours so that the skin is perfectly protected from UV rays and harmful agents from the environment.

Storage instructions:

Close the lid carefully after use, keep in a dry place, away from direct sunlight