About Us

Kayla Builds Her Kingdom as an Immigrant Entrepreneur, Empowering Her People to Reign as Their Own Kings

We will use KFam as the landing spot for all things related to our businesses - K Café, K OnTheGo, and K Boutique.


Create a quality life with our luxury products & services


Welcome to K Fam, Inc | Kingdom Immipreneur Network

At K Fam, Inc., the letter "K" holds a special significance as it is named after our visionary founder, Kayla. Her entrepreneurial journey began with Kstudio, a barber salon in Sunnyvale, CA. Next up is Kcafe, one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in the Bay Area, serving up fusion cuisine. For coffee lovers on the go, there's Konthego, a coffee shop providing a quick caffeine fix. And for those seeking beauty and confidence, we present Kboutique, a brand offering innovative beauty products.

Each venture under the K Fam umbrella is committed to delivering exceptional experiences and products. As K Fam, Inc. continued to grow, Kayla realized that the success of the company wasn't just about her individual achievements. It was about building a strong, united team. Thus, the meaning of "K" evolved from representing Kayla alone to encompassing the entire K Fam team. "K" now stands for "King," symbolizing loyalty, responsibility, trust, and power.

Our mission is to lead our team with intelligence, hard work, and honesty. We aspire to be royal in our conduct and in the services we provide to our customers. At K Fam, Inc., we believe that by working together as a family, we can achieve greatness and create a positive impact on the lives of those we touch.

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. Together, we will continue to reign as the Kings and Queens of our industry, committed to excellence and dedicated to making a difference. Welcome to the K Fam, Inc. experience - where style, taste, energy, and beauty converge.